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Whatever your major is, we can say with 99% certainty that you have taken an algebra class or will do so in the future. It’s a subject that everyone has to learn at some point in their academic career, and only a tiny percentage of schools choose not to teach it. Algebra is a mandatory course in most educational establishments because it helps students develop their intellect and learn vital skills through mathematical problems.

It is a broad field of mathematics that deals with symbols and different ways of manipulating them. Simply put, algebra is about finding the unknown element of an equation that looks like a mix of numbers and letters. If you put it this way, it starts to sound like a puzzle where the goal is to determine the values of variables. That sounds more exciting than math, doesn’t it? Learning algebra can be a gratifying experience for everyone when teachers can interest their students.

There are several branches of algebra, each dealing with various aspects of this disciple and varying in complexity:

Elementary algebra or algebra 1 focuses on the basic concepts of the subject and is usually taught in secondary school.

Advanced algebra, also known as Algebra 2, is a more complex course that deals with matrices, polynomials, radical expressions, and other concepts. It is taught in high school and college and is a requirement for graduation at most schools.

Meanwhile, abstract algebra is the study of abstract algebraic structures instead of usual numbers.

Linear algebra focuses on linear equations and deals with vectors and linear functions.

Finally, commutative algebra is the study of commutative rings—structures that generalize fields.

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Reasons to take an algebra course

Of all the disciplines in the world, algebra is probably the most misunderstood one. At first glance, it can seem pointless. How can solving an equation help you in life? Some people even say that algebra shouldn’t be compulsory, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Algebra is a foundation for other disciplines, such as science, engineering, medicine, statistics, and economics. Therefore, you need it to progress in your academic and professional career.

Despite what people say, algebra is surprisingly useful in daily life. Whether you are making important financial decisions or figuring out proportions for a recipe, you need to know the basics of this science to calculate correctly.

Another good reason to take an algebra course is that by learning it, you improve your logical and critical thinking skills as well as overall intelligence.

And lastly, studying algebra can be really fun and satisfying. Solving a complex equation and finding the value of an unknown variable can feel like making a small but important discovery.

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