Why doesn’t your teacher positively evaluate homework and practice of yours?

Many students struggle with their homework assignments and practical tasks within the classroom. However, they never reach a positive teacher’s feedback. The contributed time and effort do not effectively repay. In such cases, young people encounter stress, anxiety, and a lack of motivation to continue their hard work. Their academic journey is at risk without the necessary encouragement delivered by regular instructor’s appraisal. How can you reduce the possibility of getting a bad grade? 

Reasons for negative academic evaluation 

You should evaluate homework and practice done within your academic term. Although completing the self-assessment may be a Do my homework for medifficult task for most students, this step is valuable for preventing future failures and finally achieving better marks. While understanding the causes of adverse evaluations provided by your instructor, you can prepare your homework and in-class assignments in a more effective and productive way. Below you will find some reasons for the lack of academic achievement.


Consider the reasons why the teacher may negatively evaluate homework and practice tasks of yours. While understanding these issues, you will have more opportunities for enhancing your grades and meeting instructor’s expectations. Focus on checking your papers for the problems highlighted in our post and allocate your effort to reducing them.